Play is an extremely important part of any childhood. It is our mission to ensure that disabled children have the same access to play as their mainstream peers. We achieve this through a number of different initiatives, including:

  • We offer a specialist Play Scheme and Saturday Club. The Play Scheme runs during school holidays and the Saturday Club runs every Saturday, between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. all year. We run the Saturday club at the White City Adventure Playground. The Holiday Playschemes are run at Cambridge School.
  • We also run SIBZ Club for siblings (aged 8-14 years) of disabled children once a month at various locations decided by the children themselves.

These initiatives mean that disabled children across Hammersmith and Fulham can access play opportunities, which are:

  • Suitable for their needs
  • Enable them to choose exactly the activities they want to do

As one parent put it to us:

“The playgroup at White City has provided my children with a lot of fun every other Saturday. They love the outdoor area and always ask to ‘go to Greg’s’ It has helped me to get used to leaving them in a safe and caring environment for a couple of hours.”

Play Inclusion is open to residents of Hammersmith and Fulham. Please contact Amanda Roles: amanda.roles@hfmencap.org to register for this service.