Safety Net People First is run by people with learning disabilities for people with learning disabilities. We hold workshops and outings, which help us speak up about things that are important to us.

  • In April we had workshops on voting
  • In May we had lots of workshops about health checks
  • In June we told the new council about what we needed from our housing
  • In July we worked on Hate Crime

One of our Safety Net People First members says:

“I just want to say that I’ve done really well being part of Safety Net this year. I went to some forums on my own and I spoke up for people with learning disabilities. Me and Samantha did a presentation to GP’s about health. I have enjoyed myself.”

Membership of Safety Net People First is free. Anyone can join, especially people with learning disabilities  who live in Hammersmith and Fulham. Please contact Hana Smeeth: hana.smeeth@hfmencap.org

For information about Funky Nite, our club night, please CLICK HERE